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Loring Watson

Loring Watson

The following web link was provided by Steve Watson, Loring's brother.  It shows the location of Loring's name on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall as well as some statistics about his service.

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04/09/10 07:26 AM #1    

Dick Martin

I found the following online query from Loring's younger brother and thought some of you who knew him would find it interesting. It doesn't reveal a whole lot, but does put things into perspective regarding what Loring was up against.

"Loring William Watson USMC AKA "Lorrie" KIA 3/19/69 at Liberty Bridge Gun 7. Battle started at 2:00am ended around daybreak. This info comes from a letter I (John Watson) received from someone who was on Gun 3 that day. He finished a letter that "Lorrie" was writing me back in '69. I was 6 yrs old when he was killed. He tells me that 12 marines were killed in that battle and so were 125 enemy. “I was on gun 6 that night. I had only been in country for about 45 days. I was wounded in that battle. I only knew Lorrie for a short time and am not sure how he was killed. It was a hard fight and we lost a lot of good people. Our corpsman was killed and got the Medal of Honor. Almost half of my crew was hurt. The sappers overran gun 7 and we were able to stop them at gun 6. The sappers also hit on the opposite side of the gun line and were stopped with a charge up the gun line led by our commanding officer. No one ran that night. We held and fought them to a standstill even though we were out numbered. I heard that we were hit with several companies and we fought them to a standstill. I heard this after I got out of the hospital. There was a good article in "Viet Nam" magazine about the fight. James Webb (U.S. Senator and former Marine) also describes the battle in his book, “Fields of Fire”."

Here's a link that takes you to a site that describes the Battle of Liberty Bridge:

Rest in Peace, Loring, Dick Martin, USMC (Ret)

Also found this on

On the night of 18/19 March 1969, Delta Battery 2/11 Marines was located at Fire Support Base Phu Lac 6, adjacent to the Liberty Bridge near An Hoa. A few hundred meters distant was the command post of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. In the early morning hours of 19 March both areas were attacked, first by a barrage of mortar and rocket fire, then by a ground attack estimated to be in battalion size. Thirteen Marines and two Navy Corpsmen died in the two attacks - 12 from Delta 2/11 and 3 from the 1/5 CP - but the NVA left 79 bodies strewn around the artillery compound alone.

The fifteen men were

  • D Btry, 2nd Bn, 11th Marines
    • HM2 David R. Ray, Mc Minnville, TN (Medal of Honor) (go to website to see the citation, it's really something)
    • Cpl Richard Gilliam, Philadelphia, PA
    • Cpl Charles E. Wheeler, Bucklin, MO
    • LCpl Charles E. Grooms, Trotwood, OH
    • Pfc John F. Allen, Bowling Green, KY
    • Pfc Donald R. Bartley, Lizton, IN
    • Pfc Dennis F. Ellis, Porterville, CA
    • Pfc John M. Goodwin, Mc Arthur, OH
    • Pfc Robert R. Highfill, Hacienda Heights, CA
    • Pfc George N. Myers, Lancaster, PA
    • Pfc Loring W. Watson, Brewer, ME
    • Pfc Paul Wilson, Bakersfield, CA

  • 1st Bn, 5th Marines
    • GySgt Floyd M. Keefe, Montgomery, AL, H&S Company (Silver Star)
    • HN Lee T. Hamman, San Gabriel, CA, H&S Company
    • Pfc David B. Arnott, Liverpool, NY, D Company


05/03/10 09:47 AM #2    

Brenda Booker

Loring and I were close friends in school.  I am as saddened today as I was in March, 1969 at the news of his death.  He has been thought of fondly for years and always will be. Reading this account of the Delta Battery, 2Bn, 11 Marines helps to finally "know" how we lost Loring...heroically!! I'm not at all surprised at his, and his entire Unit's heroics in battle, although outnumbered and overrun.  Loring was a wonderful person, a joy to be friends with, full of life and laughter.  President Kennedy had a "physical fitness" program going at the time for high schools across the nation and Loring went into every sport he could and lettered in all, winning the President's fitness award.  I am proud to have been a friend of Loring and am proud to call him "hero" and friend.  I'm sure Loring and his commrads lost that day at Liberty Bridge are now serving peacefully in heaven.  Semper Fi to Loring and all who served that day.  Love and miss you my friend.

01/22/11 07:49 PM #3    

Don Goodness

Web link was provided by Steven Watson, Loring's brother. 

PFC Loring William Watson, Brewer, ME on The Virtual Wall® Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall    

01/31/11 02:50 PM #4    

Pamela King (Ware)

What emotions Lorrie's final letter has raised!  When Lorrie was in Vietnam, I worked with Jean Lyford at her nursery school.  Johnny Watson was one of her precious charges, and we spoke often of Lorrie.  He did not know that someone very dear to me had also been killed in Vietnam.  He was a child to be protected from such cruel news. 

Johnny and I spoke every day about Lorrie and what a great brother he was.  In reading his final letter, I was touched that Lorrie told Johnny to say hello to me and to give me his address.  I already had his address, and I did write...


06/27/16 11:17 AM #5    

Jane Potter (Goodness)

Pencil rubbing of Loring's name on the Vietnam Memorial done by Gary and Phyllis Hanscom.

06/27/16 11:21 AM #6    

Jane Potter (Goodness)

Picture of Loring's name on the Vietnam Memorial taken by Gary and Phyllis Hanscom, 2016.

06/27/16 06:32 PM #7    

Bonnie Wright (Gaboury)

He sang "Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy" before class one day.  When I asked about the song, he said he loved to sing it to his little brother.  What a sweet and kind man.

06/28/16 10:12 AM #8    

Richard Perry

Often think back on many fond memories of Loring during our school years. Had the opportunity to finally say my sad farewell at the Viet Nam Wall a few years back. Still recall hearing of his death when I was stationed at Offutt AFB, Nebraska - and was sitting on orders to Southeast Asia soon after. You're missed brother.

06/29/16 08:01 AM #9    

Betty Young (Lapierre)

Loring Watson was a homeroom friend of mine from junior high to high school.  He always had a funny remark to start the day at school! When he was around there was never a dull moment with his jokings.  I was saddened when I heard the news of his passing.  When someone told me that his name was on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, I made it a point to go there and see his name.  Well in 2012 my sister and I did that and we were touched to view all the names that are on this wall along with Loring's. Loring you made my school days a happy place!        

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