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03/28/10 04:35 PM #1    


Don Goodness

Welcome to the Brewer High School Class Of 1967 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/04/12 10:20 AM #2    


Don Goodness

Had a great time at the golf scramble and lawn party yesterday.  Let us know what you think!!  Did you attend either event?  Many thanks to all involved in the planning of these events.  Special thanks to Dick Campbell for offering your home and grounds for the lawn party.

08/04/12 11:28 AM #3    


Brenda Booker

Hi Classmates ...Hope everyone having a grand ole time at our Reunion....sorry I missed you all. Can hardly wait to see pictures posted of all events here. Just know you are all in my thoughts this weekend. Love to All..Brenda

08/04/12 11:33 AM #4    

Joanne Cassidy

Y'all have a good time now, ya hear?  No, I don't really talk like that! Just wanted to join you in a small way. Enjoy! Joanne Cassidy


08/04/12 11:45 AM #5    

Marcia Bull (Lyford)

Had a wonderful time last night! Thanks so much to Dick and Marsha for hosting this event. It was a lot of fun catching up with folks and of course, eating all the good food everybody brought. What was the most fun, though, was trying to guess who each person was as they came in, before they put on a nametag. Even overheard somebody say that they must be at the wrong place as these people were all old! Can't wait to do it all again tonight!

Marcia and Peter


08/04/12 01:39 PM #6    


Robert Lewis

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and a wonderful reunion. Wished i could have attended. I can't wait to see all the great pictures though. Be safe and enjoy....


08/04/12 02:47 PM #7    


Richard Campbell

Marsha and I, my sons and Dad all so enjoyed your presence in our back yard last evening. It was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces from the past, the kids from Orrington and the classmates from Brewer. We had a wonderful time preparing and totally enjoyed all the smiling faces. The food you all brought made the evening a delight. Thanks to all who attended and to those who didn't......stop by and see us sometime. See you tonight.

08/04/12 05:15 PM #8    


Ellen Brown (Youngs)

Toby and I really enjoyed the great conversations and connecting with friends last night during the picnic at Rick and Marsha's!! Thanks so much planning committee for all your hard work!! It has been a great reunion. We are looking forward to this evening! 


The dinner and dance were just as much fun as the picnic!  Toby and I wished we could have stayed longer. I've just viewed the pictures. I think we are a more distinguished looking group of people 45 years out than we were at 25 years out!! Oh, well, maybe the hairdos and clothing styles had something to do with our looks!! I agree with Pam about the participants being welcoming and friendly with all. Toby and I look forward to the fifttheth reunion in 2017!! 

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