Missing Classmates

Hi Classmates:

We have developed this website to get classmates back in touch with each other as well as see if there is interest in getting a 45th class reunion started.

Please check out the site and visit it often.  We started this site on 3/28/10.  Check back often as we will be adding information on a daily basis.

There is no charge for this site..


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Don Goodness




Alden Abbott
Anita Abbott (Fogg)
Alan Daniel Achorn
Vicky Adams
James Anderson
Michael Arbuckle
Janet Arnold
Nancy Bell
James Bladen
Lawrence Brooks
Gladys Butler
Joanna Calderwood
Sherwood Chaison
Linda Chubbuck
Delores Clark
Bonnie Clements
Paul Cole
Nancy Cote
Wilfred Cotter
Andrea Curtis
Louis Daigle
John D'Amboise
Donna Davis
Isaac Davis
Rowena Davis
Gordon DeBeck
Jane DeRusha
Wesley Deschaine
Paulette Dodge
Michael Dore
Carol Dowling (Calderwood)
Guillermo Duarte Garcete
Bruce Dunbar
Jack Dyer
Adele Evans
George Faloon
Joan Faulkner
Frank Foley
Robert Joseph Fougere
Augustin Frey
Sandra Gallant
Jean Gardner
Thomas Gass
Constance Graham
Carolyn Grant (McAlpine)
Elaine Grant (Foster)
Petrina Grant
Linda Grass
Lois Green
Roberta Harriman
Roscoe Hart
Harry Haslam
Judith Hatt
Brian Houston
Belinda Ingraham
Thomas Ivers
Daniel James
Pamela Johnston
Marie Jones
Wallace Kimball
Wayne LaBelle, Jr.
Margaret Lambert
Ada Larrabee
Lawrence Lunn
George Mallory
Linda Manzo
Nancy Marden
Ruth Martin
Peter Mason
James McDonald
Peter McDonald
Freda McLeod
Thomas Mercier
Gwendolyn Merrick
Valerie Mitchell (Stark)
Kathryn Mooreside (LaFontaine)
William O'Donnell
Dale Ouellette (Hannon)
Patricia Payne (Tinnon)
Judie Perry (Grant)
Robert Phillips
Catherine Pierce (Geren)
John Platt
Linda Plummer (Bangs)
Kimberly Ricker
Timothy Robertson
Roderick Ronco
Elizabeth Severance (Arey)
Lauretta Shaw
Mary Shaw
Cynthia Simons (Reid)
Jeffrey Smith
Linda Soucie (Hodgins)
Deborah Spencer
James Spox
Charlotte Stanley (Nolte)
Linda Stetson (Goff)
James Stewart
Richard Strout
Gary Trask
Stephen Tucker
Darrah Wagner
Sheila Walsh
Arnold Westman
James Wheelden
Joan Wiswell
Barbara Worster (Bowden)